MLS Only Listing

       MLS Only Listing | Save Half the Commission

       (Cost: $300)

  • You are a For Sale By Owner with all the power of the MLS behind you.
  • Employ over 6000+ Realtors by advertising on Maine Listings Service (MLS).
  • Internet marketing with approximately 73 publishers including but not limited to:
    •, and
  • Receive all required legal disclosures and paperwork.
  • Completely control your listing by:
    • Taking your own pictures.
    • Setting your own price.
    • Write your own advertising remarks.
    • Hold unlimited open houses.
    • Set up your own showings to accommodate your schedule.
    • Negotiate directly with the Buyer’s Realtor.
    • Decide how much you will pay the Buyer’s Realtor in commissions. Save ½ of the traditional commission costs.
    • List your home until it sells. Free re-listing contracts.
    • Unlimited price reductions.
  • Pay with a credit card or certified bank check at the time of contract signing. NO REFUNDS.
  • With advice, this listing will convert to a traditional 6% listing.
    • All new paperwork will be required by the seller.
    • A Hoang Realty Realtor will take on all of the liability, negotiations and get this sale to closing.
    • Seller will receive a credit at closing for $300 from the MLS Only initial listing.
  • A-La-Carte Services:
    • Photos: $200
    • Drone Photos: $200
    • MatterPort 3D Tours: $300


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