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Stainless Steel Cleaning

Stainless steel appliances are a top choice for many kitchens because of the sleek, modern look they offer. Their tone coordinates with multiple color schemes, and steel is one of the most durable materials available to homeowners. Plus, stainless steel comes in multiple finishes, and some appliances mix finish types so that you can maintain aesthetic consistency without too much uniformity. While the name says stainless, let's be honest, fingerprints and smudges happen, and cleaning these appliances can leave some homeowners stumped!

Whether you're tackling your spring cleaning or getting ready to take real estate photos of your Augusta home for sale, these tips will get your stainless steel appliances looking like new.

  1. Rub the Right Way
    Few things can ruin the look of stainless steel worse than scratches. A brushed finish may hide smaller abrasions, but all finishes require gentle care. Avoid abrasive cleaning products or tools when cleaning stainless steel. Use a soft cloth or paper towels to clean stainless steel. There are non-abrasive household cleaners that will remove grime and messes. If you're not sure about the abrasive quality of a cleaning product, test it on a small, inconspicuous area. For sticky or dried-on messes such as splattered sauces, try warm water to dissolve the mess into something easily wiped away with a microfiber cloth. Use dish soap to remove grease spatters after frying, then rinse with water to prevent residue buildup. 
  2. The Perfect Solution
    While stainless steel is highly durable, it's not invincible. Harsh chemicals can react with steel and mar the surface. Avoid chlorine-based cleaners, including laundry bleach. The spray that works wonders for the inside of your oven may not be suitable for the stainless steel door. Experienced house cleaners swear by a two-step process of vinegar and oil. Use the vinegar and a microfiber cloth to remove dust and grime. Apply mineral oil with a microfiber cloth and buff to enhance the shine. You can also use this two-step process to remove residue from other cleaning solutions if you had a particularly tough mess. 
  3. The Number One Special
    There are special cleaning products designed for stainless steel, and if your home has a lot of stainless steel, a dedicated product might be a smart investment. Several brands make stainless steel cleaners in the form of wipes or sprays. Wipes are convenient for small spills and appliances, but a spray is better for larger areas. Dedicated cleaning products can also help you skip a step with cleaning, as some stainless steel cleaners can clean and polish in a single step. 

Homeowners who choose stainless steel are investing in a material that will look beautiful for years with the right care. Stainless steel is an excellent choice for those looking to unite the practical and aesthetically pleasing, and our real estate agents enjoy helping buyers find homes that delight the senses and allow for easy maintenance. If you have any questions about helping your home shine its brightest, contact us

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